Improving Self Esteem
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Improving self esteem leads to true happiness

Improving self esteem may be the best thing you will ever do for yourself, your life and even your loved one because it seems impossible to reach your full potential, true happiness or just have healthy relationships if you suffer from low self esteem.

Not only improving self esteem is possible but it is actually not that hard if you follow a process.

All you need is a guide and advices to help you through that process but most importantly, what you need, is to take action, do the work, be patient, persistent and you will eventually get the results in overcoming low self esteem because there is no secrets or magic potions, just a set of actions to execute.

The purpose of this page (actually this whole site) is to guide you step by step, to give you self esteem tips and also to advice you on the many options available in building self esteem.

Obviously, one single page is not enough to treat a topic such as improving self esteem in details. Although this page can stand alone in guiding you through the process, every steps have also a link to a lot more information for you to understand how to build your self esteem.

1. Self esteem tests

The first step is to have a self esteem assessment to evaluate what opinion you have of yourself and find out what area of your life you need to work more specifically. If you think you already know, you may be surprised by taking a self esteem test or self esteem inventory.

2. Self talk

Self talk is that inner voice that constantly judges you in everything you do. It is your own critic. When it is positive, the voice is compassionate, encouraging and up lifting. This is when you say to yourself "well done" or "I can do this". But when it is negative, which is usually the case with low self esteem, that critic is devastating, damaging and will drag you down at every opportunity it gets.

You will need to be vigilant and consistent to catch the negative self talk and fight it back. This is imperative on improving self esteem.

3. Self esteem affirmations

A lot of our negative core beliefs come from repetitive suggestions. If a father tells his son "you're an idiot" everyday, the son will not only eventually believe it, but he will hear his father comment (the self talk) even years later, every time he is challenged or fail. In other words he has been brainwashed.

Positive affirmations can reverse the process by using the same technique... repetitive suggestions. Only this time, you can choose them to be constructive, encouraging and up lifting.

4. Self esteem activities

There are many activities that can help you in improving your self esteem. Doing these self esteem activities often and regularly impels you to act as a successful and confident person until it becomes a habit, a part of you.

For example:

  • Get in the habit to get out of your comfort zone, take some risks, do things that you "think" you're not good at. Remember that it is ok to fail sometimes, the important is doing and trying new things often to get used to step in the unknown and challenge your self defeating beliefs.
  • It is important to increase a sense of success and achievement for improving self esteem. You can do this by choosing every week a couple of task that you have been putting off. Clean the backward, pay those bills, start with small tasks at first but make sure you finish them.
  • People with low self esteem tend to focus on others rather than themselves because they think they're not worthy so the next activity is to treat yourself, spend some time just for yourself doing things that you enjoy. It will remind you that "you too" are worthy and deserve a break and a treat.

5. Self esteem exercises

Self esteem exercises will help you to ship away at your low self esteem gradually on a daily basis. Get a small notebook or a diary and get in the exercises for improving self esteem habit to write positive things about yourself daily. Find skills and qualities that you have and write them down, you may have done a good job at your work today, write it down, someone complimented you, write it down. This will train you to focus on the positive things about yourself and counteract your negative self evaluation.

6. Healthy body image.

Body and mind are connected so it is important to keep a healthy body image. Feeling good about yourself physically will nurture self respect and self confidence.

I am not saying you need to look like an athlete to have high self esteem, I am saying that you need to be comfortable and happy with your body.

Look after yourself, exercise, eat well and groom yourself, it will energise you and will definitely help you in building self esteem.

7. Visualization

visualization works like affirmations, only with images instead of words to impress the mind with positive self suggestions. By visualizing the best outcome and what you want in life, you will eventually alter your thinking, beliefs and behaviour.

8. Meditation

Meditation is an invaluable help when dealing not only with low self esteem but also depression, anxiety, stress or any phobia.

Your self esteem started to take shape at a very early age, this is why it is so deeply ingrained in your mind and why most people don't even know they have self esteem issues and think their negative self talk is normal and is just who they are.

Meditation is about quieting the mind and go within so it make sense to use it as a way to control your self talk and overcoming deeply seated issues like low self esteem.

9. Self confidence hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool for improving self esteem and to make positive changes in your life.

It can be used to erase deeply seated self defeating beliefs and substitute them with a more accurate and positive self evaluation by working directly on the deepest levels of your mind.

Self hypnosis is perfectly safe and when combined with meditation, affirmations and visualization, it becomes a great weapon for overcoming low self esteem.

Try this great hypnosis download: Building Self Esteem and see for yourself.

10. Cultivate happiness and optimism

Contrarily to what most people believe, your life condition shouldn't affect your happiness. Instead, it is your happiness that improves your life.

Positive psychology has shown that happiness and optimism is fundamental in improving self esteem as well as physical health and daily successes and achievements.

Authentic happiness is a choice, it is an attitude and it can be cultivated.

There are a few steps that you can take to cultivate your happiness and by doing so, naturally improving self esteem.

  • Do not let your ego and materialistic desires (like wanting a new car or the latest iPad just for the sake of looking good) make you believe that satisfying them will bring you authentic happiness. It will only give you a short term satisfaction.

  • Do not take everything for granted. It makes you forget how bless you are and focus on what you don't have. This is a shortcut to unhappiness.

  • Practice gratitude. Focusing on what you have and be thankful for it will get you closer to the creator and to your own happiness.

  • Use your natural attributes, talents and stengths in your daily life rather than focussing on fixing your weaknesses.

  • Practice compassion. You are not alone and others matter. Being appreciated and loved may boost your self esteem but being compassionate and of service to others will lead you to true, authentic happiness.

Learn all you can about self esteem, explore this website, it is packed with information and tips, but also read books, articles, anything you can get your hands on. The more you know about self esteem, the more you can improve it.

You can also register here for a Free Self Confidence Course that I highly recommend, plus you get three more free courses as a bonus. It's all for free so there is no excuse but you still have to take action and do the work to make changes happen.

Improving self esteem

Your self esteem is how you value yourself. It is your self beliefs.

You always act according to your self beliefs.

Your life is the result of your actions.

Therefore, improving self esteem will improve your life.

It is as simple as that.

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