Self Esteem Inventory

It is a good idea to do a self esteem inventory to evaluate if you have self esteem issues within your personality traits or in some areas in your life.

Take it more as an overall self esteem assessment rather than a self esteem test. The idea here is to find out if you have a healthy self esteem in general or if you need to work in some areas of your life where you may not be as confident and successful as you would like.

You may then later take a self esteem test to pinpoint your level of self esteem more accuratly but for now, get an overview of where you are at. It is a bit like before doing a big house cleaning, you go through the whole house first to get a general idea and to see which room needs more attention.

So for a self esteem inventory, it is important to be honest, put the ego aside for a while (easier said than done but try your hardest) and take some distance to get a clear and objective view of yourself without any judgement.

Remember that the purpose of this self esteem inventory is to assess how you view yourself and how you react accordingly, not to see how good or bad you may be as a person.

This inventory consists of a series of statements. Read them out loud or even better, write them down. See if they sound true or false to you (or in between). Put a thought on each one, take your time, don't fly over this self esteem assessment too quickly and be honest, you have everything to gain from it.


  • Physical:

    • I am happy with the way I look.

    • I know my body is not perfect but I accept it and honor it.

  • Social:

    • I am usually confident in the social arena.

    • I like the attention from people but do not have the need to trigger it.

    • I am comfortable to speak in public.

  • Work and achievements:

    • I see myself as successful.

    • I am content with what I have achieved.

    • I believe that I can succeed at any tasks or challenges that I set my mind on.

    • I am assertive, speak for myself and not afraid to ask for What I believe I deserve.

  • Relationships:

    • I think people enjoy my company.

    • I have healthy relationships based on trust and equality.

    • I understand and value the needs of others but do not forget about my own. I balance my needs with those of my partner and family.

    • I have no need to please others for the only sake of getting their attention, friendship or love.

  • Me, Myself and I:

    • I am happy with what I see in the mirror.

    • I can honestly say that I love myself.

    • I am worthy just for who I am. I do not need to earn my worthiness.

    • I can forgive myself when I fail or make mistakes.

    • When I do something wrong I restrain negative self-talk such as calling myself stupid, idiot, looser.

    • I am content with the level of my intelligence.

    • Overall, I respect and appreciate myself the way I am now, physically, intellectually and emotionally knowing that I can improve and will evolve and grow.

I believe this self esteem inventory can help you to evaluate and assess self esteem issues in any area of your life. You can also take self esteem tests from renowned psychologists to rate your level of self esteem.

Just remember that these self esteem tests are NOT an indication of your worth as a person.

However, since we always act accordingly to who we BELIEVE we are rather than who we TRULY are; being aware of our self beliefs and self esteem become crucial to our success and happiness.

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